9 secrets of brewing coffee in a coffee pot


As in any business, coffee brewing using the French press method has its own secrets and peculiarities. Some will say that perfect coffee can be brewed only in a Turk or a coffee machine, and some coffee pot with a press will not cope with this task. And they will be absolutely wrong, because it is in the French press that the taste of coffee is revealed more vividly and fully. Now we will tell you a few secrets that will help you make excellent coffee.

1. The first thing that determines the taste of coffee is the cleanliness of a French press. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a metal coffee pot or a plastic one, it must be thoroughly washed, especially the piston and the flask.

2. Any type of coffee is suitable for brewing, including flavoredth. You can use exotic varieties, as the French press best reveals the taste of coffee, provided that you did everything right.

3. The degree of grinding in this case does not affect the taste of coffee, but for convenience, coffee of uniform coarse grinding is used. Otherwise, small particles of coffee will invariably end up in the cup and the piston will be difficult to lower down.


4. Pay attention to the grinding quality: for brewing in a coffee pot, the French press is more suitable for grains ground in a good millstone coffee grinder. Probably, for some, the difference in taste will seem invisible, but professionals are confident that the knife coffee grinder makes the taste of coffee more flat and dull.

5. Rinse the french press flask with boiling water before pouring coffee into it.
The proportions recommended for brewing coffee are 1:10 (for every 100 ml of water 10 g. Coffee).

6. Along with coffee, you can put your favorite spices: cardamom, cinnamon and others. They will make the taste of coffee more interesting.

7. Do not pour coffee from the kettle that has just boiled. Let the water cool down a bit – just count to 10 – during this time the water temperature will drop to the 96 degrees we need. And yet – boiling water can easily split the flask, which is very unpleasant.

8. After adding water, coffee must be thoroughly mixed so that each particle gets into the water.

9. The ideal brewing time is 4 minutes, after which you can safely lower the piston.

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