Alcoholic cocktail in the spirit of Russian folk traditions

We’ll make a reservation right away that this sophisticated cocktail was presented not just at the bartender’s competition, but at the competition hosted by Bols, an old producer of various alcoholic beverages. Therefore, the components used in the recipe are exclusively Bols brands. However, if you prepare such a cocktail, nothing prevents you from replacing them with similar ones from other brands. In the video you can see how the author of this cocktail – St. Petersburg bartender Vladislav Kudryavtsev – is preparing this mix with the hand of a master.

This cocktail is the heir to the traditions of Russian tea drinking. Its main component is Ivan tea. It is known that it was added to drinks, starting from as early as the 12th century. But, as this sometimes happens, this ingredient went out of culinary fashion and then was completely forgotten. And in vain! Ivan tea has a rather rich floral-herbal taste. Pleasant and memorable. The main thing that needs to be done to make this cocktail is to make syrup from willow-tea.

Here’s how to do it. Pour 40 mg of dry willow tea with a small amount of water and insist. After – add sugar, in an amount 2 times the volume of water. When the syrup is ready, you can proceed to the cocktail itself.

The main alcohol component is the geniver. Jeniver is the elder brother of gin, a drink that is stronger and with a more pronounced juniper taste. Pour 40 ml of geniver into a shaker. We also send 10 ml of Creme de cassis – blackcurrant liquor there. Then, with the unshakable hand, pour the protein of one egg into the shaker, followed by about 3 teaspoons of Ivan tea syrup and three drops of Angostura bitter. Next, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the shaker. Add ice, close the shaker, shake everything vigorously. Vladislav recommends pouring a cocktail into the famous aesthetics and tradition connoisseurs of tradition, with the pattern “cobalt mesh, cups of the Imperial Porcelain Factory. But if such cups were not at hand, then you can replace them with creative double-walled glasses.

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