American classic: mint julep cocktail recipe

Not only in the evenings, but also in the mornings, the heroes of the greatest novel The Great Gatsby drank champagne, of course, being aristocrats and indefatigable wasters of their wealth. However, it was not only the American rich who managed to enjoy this drink during Prohibition. On the pages of the Fitzgerald novel you can find several classic cocktails, including one of the oldest – Mint Julep. We were inspired by the atmosphere of America at the beginning of the twentieth century and decided to repeat this cocktail, as they say, at home.

So, the ingredients of a classic julep are as simple as five cents:

Mint Julep

Bunch of fresh mint

Bourbon 50ml.

Water without gas 10 ml.

Sugar 15 gr.


Traditionally, this cocktail was served in special silver bowls, which were supposed to be held by the bottom or top – so as not to transfer the heat of the hands to the drink, and so that the ice would not melt for as long as possible. However, a highball is suitable for such a cocktail and ordinary glasses.

At the bottom of the glass, put a few mint leaves and add sugar, pour water and grind the syrup with a pusher. Then we fill the glass with ice to the top, pour bourbon, stir. Top up with crushed ice and decorate with mint leaves.


By the way, once the Americans also consumed this drink in the morning: a combination of strong alcohol with mint was considered an excellent medicine that should be taken at the beginning of the day.

In the summer on a barbecue trip, try to surprise everyone with this unusual tasty drink.

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