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Between Thanksgiving and the end of the New Year holidays, a drink appears on store shelves in America and Europe that could be confused with nude mogul, which the French call “chicken milk” (lait de poule). It is called Egg-leg, and hens really take an indirect part in its manufacture: one of the main ingredients in Egg-leg is raw chicken eggs.
Egg-leg is the most popular Christmas drink, a must-have party for the Christmas table. It’s not even necessary to cook it – the basis of the egg-leg is sold in cardboard bags in stores, like milk, there is even soy egg-leg.
Its main ingredients, in addition to raw eggs – sugar, milk or cream, spices and, if desired, alcohol – most often it is brandy, rum or whiskey, maybe white wine. Sprinkle cinnamon on top of the egg-legs, pour over with whipped cream or ice cream.

The origin of this milkshake is not entirely obvious. It is believed that originally Egg-leg appeared in the Old World – somewhere in England or Scotland, on the basis of elite milk punch or wine drinks such as posset – hot wine or ale with milk.
Somewhere closer to the 18th century, Egg-legs swam across the ocean and ended up in North America, where rum was much more accessible, which was immediately added to the drink instead of wine.
This combination of rum and simple products – milk and eggs, and made the drink popular.

But enough theory! We offer you to try a real, classic English Christmas Egg-Feet!


1140 ml of milk

6 eggs

50g sugar

1 vanilla pod

20 pitted cherries cut in half

200ml brandy

Cinnamon or Coconut Powder for Sprinkling

Put eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla in a ladle and heat over low heat without boiling until the drink rises and practically hides a teaspoon. Next Egg-legs can be cooled or served hot. To serve, distribute the cherry halves in glasses, pour in each brandy, and on top – egg-legs. Garnish with cinnamon or coconut. Merry Christmas!

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