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Like everything local, birch sap suddenly became a fashionable product. You have not ordered a brutal mix of vodka and such juice at the bar? If not, then still ahead, bearded lumberjacks and their tastes are conquering the world.
The season has begun – you can buy juice from farmers, or maybe you even arm yourself with a screwdriver and get it for yourself.


We perceive birch sap as something as Russian as felt boots, grandmothers and balalaika.
In fact, this is not so: it is also collected in Norway, in Alaska, in England, and there are many more where. By the way, there is a certain connection with some mixological stereotypes regarding birch sap. In cocktails, it is customary to combine it, first of all, with whiskey.



The birch sap season is the moment when the buds have already begun to swell, but have not yet blossomed. This means that it has already begun and we have a couple more weeks to try this juice. After that, the birch sap will still be there, but it will become desperately bitter.

To get


If you decide on your own, as a real resident of forests and fields, the conqueror of mountains and rivers, to get juice in the forest, we will advise you: the easiest way to extract juice from birch is to cut a thin branch with an ordinary pruner and wrap a plastic bottle around it. A small branch per day gives about a liter and a half.
You can make a small hole in the trunk. The civilized way is to do it with a screwdriver. So you can get about five liters per day.



Just like syrup is made from maple juice, something similar can be made from birch juice. Use it as a topping for fritters or as an addition to tea.
Juice is boiled over very low heat, waiting until it thickens. It will take many hours, about four. He must achieve, as a result, the consistency of liquid honey.


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