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Once again, leafing through cookbooks in search of interesting recipes, we came across an absolutely wonderful section “Cocktails” in a publication issued in the 1955 year in the Soviet Union for the needs of public catering establishments.
You read it, and as if you are looking into a book either with Dovlatov’s stories, or in Moscow-Petushki. Some names already evoke a painful feeling: “Hello,” “Fragrance of the Fields,” “Sea,” “Riddle.” And there is no irony here, unlike literary texts.
Cocktails were not a strong point of Soviet catering and were not a common way to drink. Mixes were many times more expensive than regular alcohol, “for the money you could rejoice all evening with a delicious port wine extinguisher!” – Andrei Makarevich writes in his book “Men’s drinks”.
Nevertheless, there were cocktails in Soviet bars, and the Moscow Cocktail Hall, located on Tverskaya 6, was the flagship among the bars. It opened shortly after the war, lasting until the second half of the 60s and got into the shooting of LIFE magazine.

The cocktails from our book for catering are contemporaries of Cocktail Hall, the favorite place of the dude. If you are planning to throw a retro party, try to cook “Hawk”, “Hunter”, “Moscow” and “Fly!”.
The recipes feature quite exotic ingredients by today’s standards. We provide original recipes with comments on the replacement of components. The substitution will play cocktails strongly on hand – we are lucky that the Southern Liquor is no longer on sale and we can use Cointreau instead!


  • Bitter Tincture Juniper 25 ml (= gin. Replacement will not be 100% identical, since the tincture was slightly weaker than gin – 30 degrees)
  • Southern Yellow Liqueur 10 ml (= Cointreau)
  • Cherry liqueur 10 ml (= De Kuyper Cherry or any other, a lot of cherry liqueurs)
  • Aromatic liquor 5 ml (= Limoncello. This is an approximate substitute, in “Aromatic”, in addition to the taste of lemon, the taste / aroma of neroli, rose, jasmine was assumed)
  • Lemon juice 5 ml
  • Canned fruits 5 g
  • Food ice 15 g


  • Stark tincture 20 ml (available)
  • Peppercorn tincture 20 ml (commercially available)
  • Lemon tincture 15 ml (= Myagkov, Lemon)
  • Canned fruits 5 g
  • Food ice 15 g


  • Hunting tincture 20 ml (= Jagermeister)
  • Stark tincture 20 ml (available)
  • Southern yellow liquor 15 ml (= Cointreau)
  • canned fruit 5 g
  • Food ice 15 g

In flight!

  • Soviet champagne 55 ml
  • Mountain ash tincture on brandy 30 ml (Mountain ash on brandy is on sale)
  • Vanilla Liqueur 10 ml (= Fruko Schulz Vanilla)
  • Canned Fruits 10 ml
  • Food ice 20 g

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