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F. Scott Fitzgerald was the first writer whose heroes drank daiquiri. But he didn’t really glorify daiquiri, but Hemingway, who wrote a lot about daiquiri with deep feeling.
“Thomas Hudson was drinking frozen sugar-free daiquiri again, and now, lifting a glass heavy with frosty edges, he looked at its contents, greenish-transparent under a head of foam, and it reminded him of the sea. “The whipped foam looked like a track behind the stern, and the clear liquid below was like a sea wave when a boat cuts it in shallow water above a clay bottom.” (“Islands in the ocean”).

In the 1930s, immediately after the publication of “Afternoon Death,” Hemingway turned into a famous writer. The success of the book turned, among other things, into a pilgrimage to his house in Key West: they came as friends, fellow writers arrived. A crowded house, as you can imagine, not the best place for writing. Fleeing from everyone who wanted to meet him, to congratulate, to see, Hemingway bought a ticket to Cuba, and when he arrived he rented a corner room at the Ambos Mundos. Here he could work. In the morning he wrote, and later went to the sea or to bars, one of which was El Floridita.
Here he was first made daiquiri, which after a while everyone will know how to drink “Hemingway Special”.

Hemingway fell in love with Havana. In 1939, he moved here to his own home with his third wife, Marta Gellhorn. It was here that he worked on the novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. When, twenty years later, Hemingway returned to the States, his house was transferred to the Cuban government. Everything in the house remained exactly the same as when Hemingway left him. In the lounge bar, there is a bottle of Bacardi rum, a key ingredient in daiquiri.
“This cold daiquiri, so well whipped, looks like a wave when the bow of a ship making thirty knots rips it up and it diverges on two sides”

  • 80 ml Bacardi rum or Havana Club
  • Two Lime Juice
  • Grapefruit Juice 1/2
  • 6 drops of Maraschino liquor

Fill the shaker with ice for one quarter. Add rum, lime juice, grapefruit juice and Maraschino. Close the shaker and whisk until foam appears in the drink. Pour into a chilled glass.

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