How to brew coffee in a ceramic turk

Our first meeting happened by chance. I met her on the Internet, and immediately fell in love. Ceraflame, an all-ceramic turkish brand in Brazil, chocolate-colored – sophisticated design, removable handle, in general, everything I wanted.

With the advent of the new Turks in the house, the old steel had to be cleaned in a closet. Going to bed in the evening, I waited impatiently in the morning to make coffee in a new Turk rather, making coffee in the evening seemed to me a rather dubious undertaking.
For a new Turk, I even bought a new coffee, with the taste of chocolate, so that there was a complete chocolate set. I usually drink strong coffee in the morning. Therefore, she put almost a whole tablespoon and poured boiling water. In the morning I prefer to sleep longer, so there’s not much time for training, and it’s more convenient for me to boil the kettle first, and then pour coffee with hot water, the taste does not suffer from it, and it takes less time.

how to brew coffee in a ceramic turk caraflame ibricks

With the past Turk, everything went according to a well-established scenario – pour boiling water, put on gas and after half a minute the coffee rises, the main thing is not to miss the moment of boiling.
With a ceramic Turk, events developed in a completely different scenario. As they say – the first pancake is lumpy. Putting the Turk on the stove, I probably waited about 1.5 minutes – and nothing happened, it alarmed me. But then, as soon as I noticed that the coffee began to rise, I quickly turned off the gas – but this did not save the coffee – he continued to rise and eventually ran away.

brew coffee in a ceramic turk

I, a beginner, were not previously aware of the properties of ceramic dishes, because I simply simply didn’t have it. I decided to clarify this issue, and here is what I found out: ceramic dishes heat up for a long time, and then it also gives off this heat for a long time. Now let’s project the obtained data on our situation – the Turk with coffee heated up for a long time, absorbed heat, and then, when the coffee began to rise, I turned off the gas. But it was too late – the Turk continued to give off heat, even without heating, so the coffee continued to rise and still reached the edges and moved to my stove. Such losses can be incurred when you remove coffee from the fire at the wrong time and do not know the features of ceramic dishes.

The next time the coffee brewed in this Turk was divinely delicious and aromatic. Finding freshly made homemade ice cream in the refrigerator and adding it to coffee, I got a delicious glasse.

ceramic turk

Thick ceramic walls are a huge plus of ceramic Turks. They retain a lot of heat, so the extraction process continues for some time after removing the Turk from the fire. And thanks to them, your drink will heat evenly, providing an excellent taste.

Therefore, we brew coffee in Turk correctly:

  1. Take Turku
  2. Put softer / stronger coffee
  3. Pour boiling water
  4. We put on gas
  5. And most important: wait until the first bubbles appear
  6. Turn off the gas – the coffee will rise itself, because the Turk will continue to give off heat
    True coffee connoisseurs choose just such Turks, they get excellent coffee, and one more thing – they look cool in the interior!

The complete collection of CERAFLAME Turks can be seen here:


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