How to cook Bloody Mary?

When we, naive, in surprise asked Dima Suvorov, a well-known bartender and master of mixological sciences, what could be tricky in the “Bloody Mary” cocktail, the answer to us was a bewilderedly raised eyebrow.
Oh, these bartenders! It turned out that there are a lot of nuances in mixing the right Mary. The main thing is to prepare the right Mary Mix.

So, everything in order.

The Bloody Mary cocktail consists of two main ingredients: vodka and tomato juice.
But professionals supplement this juice with various sauces and seasonings. A juice that has undergone such an upgrade is called Mary Mix.

So we start with the main thing – that is, with Mary Mix’s

Dima recommends cooking this mixture for the future. Make 1 liter immediately and store it in the refrigerator. Stand in anticipation of the application of the mix may 3 weeks.

Here’s what you need:

1 liter tomato juice
40 ml of celery stalk juice (obtained from 2 stems)
30 ml of sugar syrup (prepared by mixing sugar and water in a ratio of 1: 1)
Juice 1 Lemon
40 ml Worcestershire sauce
10 drops of red Tabasco
Salt, pepper to taste

So, we take a liter of tomato juice (you can take a regular packaged one). Pour in and pour all the ingredients into this juice, in any order. If you want to recreate, then in Mary Mix you can add finely chopped parsley dill, or a little horseradish. After all the components have been added, Mary Mix needs to be mixed.

When the mix is ​​done, you can begin to prepare, in fact, a cocktail. Take a glass. Cool it by filling it with ice.

Now we, for one serving of “Bloody Mary” will need to mix the following components:

40 ml of vodka
10 ml lemon juice
80 ml homemade Mary Mix

Bartenders mix this cocktail, of course, with a shaker. If one was not found in your household, two large circles will do. It is very important to mix “Bloody Mary” by pouring it from one container to another. Do not mix with a spoon and do not shake in a shaker, just pour over. That, in fact, is all. Mary is ready. You can decorate it with a celery stalk, or olive.

If you add citrus juice to Mary Mix, you get sangrita. A drink that is traditionally used in Mexico to drink tequila.


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