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Limoncello never works the same. Each time – even if the recipe is the same – the taste and strength turns out different than before. The strength can vary in the range from 27 to 43 degrees, and the taste depends on lemons. So it’s precisely the choice of lemons, because this is the main character of Italian liquor – it is worth paying special attention.
Serving is another taste-creating moment: limoncello is liquor, and liquor, as you know, is served in glasses – this is one time, and two – these glasses must be held in the freezer for at least 15 minutes before the limoncello is poured into them – it’s already the homeland of this drink.

4-6 medium lemons. Limoncello needs fragrant lemons with a thin skin.
450-500 g of sugar. Reed – perfect. White is not a problem.
0.5 liter of alcohol (96%) or vodka. Vodka should be of “premium” quality, you should not skimp here, otherwise you risk getting an unpleasant aftertaste and food poisoning.
Water (non-carbonated, not boiled, purified, from a bottle, spring, etc.) – 600 ml.

1. Remove the peel from the lemons washed and dried with a napkin using a peeler – only the yellow (!) Part of the peel. White peel will give unnecessary bitterness – so we throw it away.


2. Put the zest in a glass jar / bottle with a tight-fitting lid (ideal are lids with a rubber gasket that do not allow air to pass through). Pour zest with vodka / alcohol. To close.

3. Put in a dark, cool place to insist for 2 weeks. Shake the can every two days during this time.
4. Remove after 2 weeks, remove the crusts. Strain vodka through cheesecloth, folded several times.
5. Making syrup: pour sugar into heated water, cook it, stirring constantly, until it dissolves. Cool down. Alternatively, sugar is boiled with 3 tbsp. honey.
6. Pour lemon vodka into the syrup, stir.
7. Pour the resulting mixture into clean jars / bottles (it is not necessary to sterilize them). We remove the mixture back to a dark, cool place for one to two weeks. No need to shake.


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