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You can read about how to mix a fashionable cocktail in hundreds of sources. Blogs, recipes books are dedicated to this, in any bar the bartender will recommend a couple of win-win combinations to you. But what about serving? What’s new and interesting in this part of the cocktail culture?
Meet: stylish double-walled glasses with a rich inner world. The outer wall will have the configuration of a classic glass, but anything can happen inside. Poor Yorick? Easy. Let’s mix the Hamlet cocktail in it.
Don’t like hardcore? Want a sweet sensation and more mimimi?

Photo: Walmer Skull Thermal Glass

Season trend

Try this little girl here. You can even add cream. I must say that in such glasses cocktails play in the light, sparkling. It is amazingly beautiful, it is a pleasure to admire.
Here is this inner world of new fashionable glasses.
Glasses are a fresh trend. And you know, they make a lot of sense, they really need to be known. Why? Because double walls are not just a design technique designed to make beautiful. Double walls are what make our cocktails tastier and cooler. Tell us why.

In the photo: Thermal glass Walmer Berry

The ice does not melt

There is nothing more unpleasant than catching a watery sip in the tight taste of a cocktail. But it is almost inevitable if you like to sip a cocktail for a long time. After all, the ice in the glass is melting. If you do not drink your luxurious Old Fashioned for five minutes, but measuredly, with a good sense and arrangement – a sip of water will inevitably wait for you closer to the bottom of the glass. Sadness. Pain. Disappointment.
It is this effect that avoids glasses such as the one shown in the Walmer Twist photo. The drink does not heat up from the heat of the hand, because the outer wall to which you touch is separated from the drink by the second wall, and even a layer of air.


The inner shapes of the glasses can be the most bizarre, like the Walmer Grape glass.
Of course, the creation of such complex configurations is not possible with the help of machines, it is a delicate work requiring manual labor. Indeed, such glasses are created manually by glass blowers, so each one is unique.
Walmer cocktail glasses, the images of which illustrate this text, are produced in mini-circulation; this is a limited edition for those who appreciate beautiful and unique things.

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