In the elderberry garden

In recent years, elderberry life has been asked. It has become a popular ingredient for cocktails – trendy bars have begun to actively use elderberry syrups.
Delicate white flowers are good not only in cocktails. And don’t remember that elderberry is poisonous – it’s true, even though the Internet is full of information about it. Unripe elderberry is poisonous, but even they lose the poisonous substance if dried. The taste of elderberry flowers is delicate and very special. Elderberry blooms from May to the end of June. Collect black elderberry flowers and experiment! We have two great recipes for you.

Elderberry Pickled Flowers

(per jar 325 ml)

  • 18 -20 elderberry inflorescences
  • 200 ml red wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon icing sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon of salt
  • 10 peas of black pepper

Elderberry flowers, slightly rinsed with water, put in a jar. Pour vinegar, add sugar, salt and pepper. Cover the jar with a lid and place in a large pan, on the bottom of which put gauze. After that, fill the pan with cold water and put on fire: let the water boil. Then reduce the heat to a minimum and leave the pan on it for another seven minutes. Take out the jar, let it cool slightly and tighten the lid to the end, and then put it in a dark, cool place. You can open it and try pickled flowers no earlier than in three weeks.

Elderberry and Rose Syrup

Such a syrup can be used to make homemade soft drinks, mixing it with water in a proportion of 3 tablespoons of syrup per 200 ml of sparkling water. You can store syrup in the refrigerator for a long time – it can stand for a little more than a month.
In addition to elderberry flowers, roses are needed for this syrup. We recommend using pink or red roses from your garden, because roses from a flower shop are always sprayed with chemicals and are therefore not suitable for our purposes.
The following ingredients are sufficient to produce 800 ml of syrup.

  • 12 elderberry inflorescences
  • Zest 2 small lemons
  • 1 rose petals (about 20 petals)
  • 500 ml of boiling water
  • 325 g icing sugar
  • 125 ml of lemon juice

Rinse the inflorescences with water and put them in a large bowl along with the zest and rose petals. Pour boiling water over them, let stand for a while, then remove the entire filling – and inflorescences, and petals, and zest and squeeze them over the water through cheesecloth. After that, tying the gauze in a knot, put the filling in it back into the bowl, insist. The color of the liquid you receive will not be beautiful. But do not be discouraged when we add lemon juice, the color will change!
Place the bowl in a cool place and let it brew for about 36 hours.
After that, you can get gauze with the filling (squeezing it), as well as add sugar and lemon juice. After this, our infusion should be boiled, and after bringing to a boil, immediately turn off. Pour the syrup into a sterilized bottle and store in the refrigerator.

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