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If you were in India or in Asian countries, then you know what is at stake. The gentle and fragrant combination of milk, tea and spices will not leave anyone indifferent. The very word “masala” in translation means “spicy mixture.” There is no canonical recipe for masala – the drink has existed for more than one thousand years and everyone makes it in his own way. But there is a list of components that must be present – these are milk, spices, sugar (honey) and black tea. Initially, black tea was not added at all, simply because it was not there – tea appeared in India around the 19th century.

There are several ways to prepare masala. In shops selling Indian goods, you can buy special sets of spices, which are called “masalatea”. At home, just add the contents of the bag to hot milk tea. It turns out delicious, but nevertheless, in order to enjoy the true taste of this legendary drink, it is better to overcome laziness and cook everything yourself and not enjoy the benefits of civilization.
Before you start cooking, we will reveal a few secrets, since each cooks in his own way, we will rely on our experience in this matter:

Do not overdo it with spices, otherwise everything is gone. The essential oils they contain will simply kill the taste of tea.

Follow the rule that there should be more milk in masala than water, we need milk with tea, and not vice versa. The taste should be dense, saturated, if it is empty and watery – we recommend adding milk.

Do not use ready-made spices; grind them yourself just before you cook masala. This is a fundamentally important point.

Sugar or any other sweetener, such as honey, is better to add and slowly simmer in milk with spices – this will give the butter a caramel flavor.

It is best to drink masala immediately after cooking.

Spices can be fried in oil before adding to milk so that the aroma is fully revealed.

Tea is used only black, without flavoring, best large leaf.

So, let’s start cooking:


1 tbsp. milk

5 boxes of green cardamom

2 boxes of black cardamom

1/4 tsp carnations

2 peas of allspice

1 tbsp. l fresh grated ginger root

Pinch of nutmeg

Sugar or honey to taste

Black leaf tea

The proportion and preparation scheme are very approximate. Cinnamon can be safely included in the list of spices, but we deliberately did not add it, because it is associated with European coffee, where it is often added, but I want to achieve an Indian flavor.


Let’s start with the spices: break the cardamom boxes, clean the seeds.

Heads of cloves, allspice, grind in a mortar. Cardamom can also be ground, you can add it like that.

Wash ginger root, peel and grate or finely chop.

We bring the milk almost to a boil and dip the previously prepared spices, as well as nutmeg and grated ginger. Boil milk with spices for 1-2 minutes over low heat.

We brew black leaf tea, in a proportion of 1/3 of the amount of milk.

The moment has come when we need a small strainer – through it we pour hot milk with spices into tea. Add sugar or honey and let it dissolve slowly.


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