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In 2007, the Pisco Sauer cocktail received the official title of national treasure of Peru. And here it is not only a great love for the drink, but also the desire to build a strong associative connection between the name of the country and pisco. Chile at the state level disputes the right of Peru to consider itself the birthplace of pisco and, moreover, issues pisco many times more than Peru.

Pisco Sauer – a cocktail that is made on the basis of traditional whiskey Sauer. In one of the bars of Lima, the capital of Peru, the Americans ordered whiskey sour. For lack of the necessary component, bartenders replaced strong alcohol with pisco – a strong drink made from nutmeg grape varieties. Here is a simple story.
Everything complicated began later. The cocktail has become very popular all over the world and the USA in the first place. Together with the cocktail, pisco itself became popular. It became clear that this is a brand.
Chile, where Pisco, like in Peru, sometimes only using slightly different technology (but still, Pisco!) Considers itself the owner of the rights to the brand. Like Peru. So there is a race in which Peru is so far more successful than Chile.

How to cook pisco sauer?

50 ml Pisco
25 ml lemon juice
20 ml sugar syrup
Protein 1 Egg


This, perhaps, is one of the simplest cocktails in which all the tricks come down to one thing: all the components, except the angostura and ice, must be sent to the shaker and mixed well there, and then the ice procedure is added again. Once this is done, pour the drink into a chilled glass. From above drip three-four times with an angostura. It remains only to clink glasses.

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