Non-banal ways to make coffee: a prover

Cooking a pouver is a meditative process. If you ever tried to make it, you will understand what it is about. Pourover – coffee that is supposed to be brewed for a long time, spilling a thin stream of water of 92-96 degrees, thicken for 5 minutes. All devices for brewing a pouver are strictly regulated – coffee must be in a special funnel, pour water onto it from a teapot of a special design, hold the spout above the funnel at a strictly defined height and lead the water stream in a spiral, moving from the edges to the center.


In general, this event is not for those who are weak in spirit. Or maybe not very awake in the morning. And if you, even though you are weak and not cheerful, you still want a prover – take a coffee prover, who will do the whole meditative brewing part of the process herself. But more on that later.

Where did the prover come from? The Japanese came up with this method — doesn’t the process of brewing a pouver remind you of anything? AND?
It reminds me of a tea ceremony. So it is, the prover is also called the “coffee ceremony.”
But the pouver became fashionable not thanks to the Japanese, but due to the fact that many New York establishments in Soho, Brooklyn and other progressive places began to brew coffee instantly with this method. Those, in turn, were carried away by the Purover for a reason, but because the Purover method is the only one that allows preserving the natural coffee flavor.

In general, the passion for purover at some point was so strong that the famous newspaper The New York Times even devoted a whole page to the new coffee phenomenon. Not many politicians and Hollywood actors get such an honor, not like coffee!

The thing is that, unlike the preparation of coffee in a Turk, it is not boiling water that is used, but water of 92-96 degrees (as it should be for a prover), so there is a chance to preserve the natural taste of coffee. You can safely bet that having brewed a pouver, many will first find out what this taste is and find that all espresso-cappuccino-americano have almost nothing to do with this taste.

All the most common methods of brewing are based on the fact that coffee is either poured with boiling water or steamed with hot steam – so most of us drink coffee every day, whose taste has changed quite significantly.

The peculiarity of the pourover is that, although this coffee is quite strong, it is drunk very easily – the density and density of this coffee is small, but the invigorating effect is not worse than that of espresso. In addition, the taste has no acidity characteristic of coffee at all, and even specific coffee bitterness is absent in it.

main Now about the coffee maker.
The first and only, at the moment, pouver-coffee maker was invented by the Swiss brand BODUM. The machine is called Bistro b.Over.

She makes coffee with the same canonical speed – a portion in five minutes.
The temperature of the water is strictly controlled at the level of 92-96 degrees (inside the coffee maker so that the water maintains this temperature during the whole process, even special heat-saving glass tubes were invented, moving around them, the water does not lose temperature).
The machine fully imitates the manual process of brewing a pouver, the entire coffee ceremony.

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