Non-banal ways to make coffee: aeropress

In the continuation of a series of coffee posts, we are studying Aeropress – a device invented by a professor at Stanford University.

This is a device for those who are in a hurry in the morning. Aeroproess makes coffee in 20 seconds. In fact, this is a large syringe, in one fell swoop lowering the piston of which, you can get your morning dose of coffee. Ground coffee is poured inside the flask. At the bottom of the transparent tube is a filter separating the thick. Water is poured into the flask, then a piston is inserted into it. Drop it – a portion of coffee is immediately ready.

Coffee is strong, from those that are drunk in one sip. There is a minus: the filter installed at the bottom of the aeropress bulb is very dense. Moreover, unlike the preparation of coffee in Turk, the various oils contained in coffee do not get into the drink itself. But the aeropress is still very young – he is only 8 years old, so maybe the design will be finalized.

By the way, aeropress is an author’s thing. It was invented by Stanford University professor Alan Adler. Adler is a fantastic character. His research interests are aerodynamics. Engaged in quite serious scientific research, in parallel, he still comes up with various funny objects that are designed taking into account the laws of air movement that Adler studies. In addition to aeropress, Adler came up with the famous thing – Aerobie – a ring that can also be launched as a frisbee plate. Aerobie has been recognized as the fastest missile projection ever created. So even though Adler’s inventions look like funny devices, in fact, everything is very serious. So be aware, aeropress has a rich scientific background.

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