Non-banal ways to make coffee: the American way

Of course, the majority of sane citizens in the preparation of morning coffee make a simple choice between a Turk and a coffee maker. But when hot days come, the idea of ​​drinking cold coffee, instead of hot, looks attractive. Cold coffee is not the kind of coffee that was brewed and then cooled. Proper cold coffee is one that has been brewed without heating.

This method was invented in the USA in the 50s, where in a fairly large number of states it is hot for many days a year.

Cold coffee is made from pre-made thick coffee concentrate, which can be prepared once a week, and then left in the refrigerator to wait in the wings. The concentrate is diluted with cool water, in which you can add ice, milk and syrups. For those who do not have a single free minute in the morning, this is an invaluable time saver. Even in the French press, coffee takes longer to cook, although this is the fastest way to make hot coffee.

By the way, the French press is also useful for us to prepare coffee concentrate, because after the concentrate is infused, the grounds will need to be filtered. If you don’t have a French press, you can use a paper coffee filter for filtering.

Making a concentrate is simple: 1/3 cup ground coffee you need to fill in a French press and pour 1.5 cups of cold (!) Water. It is important to use good water, cold boiled water is not always tasty, so it is better to choose bottled water.

In this form, coffee should be infused for 12 hours. After half a day, you can lower the french-press piston by filtering the thick. The resulting liquid – a nuclear-strength liquid – is a concentrate that can be stored in a refrigerator for a long time. The concentrate will be so black:

Coffee concentrate made in a WALMER George French press

The concentrate is supposed to be diluted with water twice (if you are one of those who drink strong coffee), or three times (if you like the American fortress). Invigorates no worse than hot coffee, and does not take time to prepare! That’s why we love!

Based on cold coffee, alcoholic cocktails are also prepared. We recommend that you try adding a little such coffee to the classic gin and tonic, it would be a good idea to mix cold coffee with whiskey and sugar syrup. Another traditional combination is iced coffee, texila and cream. In a word, the field for experiments is large!

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