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A recipe for unusual oat kvass was offered to us by Galina.

Take half a liter of crude oats, rinse. Pour into a three-liter jar, add sugar, about a glass, pour water to the top.

Leave at room temperature for three days. Let him wander. Then drain the liquid through a sieve. For now, we only need oats. Rinse it under running cold water.

Return the washed oats to a jar, pour sugar, about a glass, as you like, you can even less. Pour in water and leave for a couple of days. If it is very hot, then kvass will be ready in a day.

Drain only kvass. Oats can be used for two to three months, adding sugar each time. It is very pleasant to quench your thirst in the summer heat.

And for lovers of more traditional drinks I can offer another recipe for homemade kvass.

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