Orange Coffee Liqueur Recipe

The number 44 has magical powers, at least for this drink. It defines everything: from the amount of ingredients to the cooking time. Ingredients: 44 roasted coffee beans 44 pieces of cane sugar (normal weather will not spoil) 1 large orange with a thick peel 1 liter of premium vodka.

The original Norman recipe (at least Normandy claims to be its creator) uses not vodka, but Calvados (in the same proportion). If you are not embarrassed to donate a whole bottle for such purposes, we recommend that you stick to the original recipe. If the combination of coffee-orange seems too banal, try another variation of this liquor – with grapefruit.

The recipe is simple: 1. On a washed / napkin-dried orange / grapefruit, make 44 cross-shaped cuts at equal distances from each other. Cuts should not reach the pulp. 2. In each cut, we stick in coffee beans – so that the beans look out from an orange.


3. Put sugar cubes in a large jar, orange / grapefruit on top and pour vodka / calvados (add cloves if desired).


Close the jar tightly. 4. We remove all this splendor to insist in a dark place for 44 days. Shake the jar once a week. 5. After 44 days, we take the orange out of the can and squeeze it into a drink. The resulting mixture is filtered through gauze, folded several times. Everything – the liquor is ready! You can pour in a mug and enjoy!

Option: coffee flavor and aroma will dominate the original recipe. If you want to strengthen the citrus notes, you can make the Russian variation of this liquor – tincture 33. Everything except the number of grains (not days and not sugar!) Remains the same.

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