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The classic recipe for sangria does not exist. Nevertheless, every self-respecting Spanish bartender believes that it is his recipe that is the only true one.
According to this recipe, sangria is mixed in a small bar near the market of Bakery, in the real “womb of Barcelona”, where everyone who cooks something does it with the passion of Vatel.

The first to go to the liter jug ​​is ice. Cubes 5-6.

Following is a strawberry. Need 3-4 pieces.

Following – 1 orange, cut into slices.
We pour 200 ml of pineapple juice here, add half a liter of dry red, and then, with a unsteady hand – 100 ml of gin and 50 ml of Cointreau.

Now you need to sweeten the cocktail. Add sugar syrup, you can add it directly to the glass. How much is a matter of taste. Classical sangria is quite sweet, but with sourness it is good in its own way.

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