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Anyone who at least once in his life felt like a Real Loser should urgently drink the Moscow Mule, because he was invented by the arrogant losers Martin and Morgan, who through this cocktail became rich and famous. Who knows, maybe you’re lucky?


The story of Moscow Mule is absolutely fabulous. In short, this was the case.
In the early forties in one of the fashionable New York bars behind the counter were John Martin and Jack Morgan. After drinking a glass, the men found out that both failed entrepreneurs. The first brought a shipment of Smirnov vodka to the United States, which no one, as a result, bought. Another tried to sell a fair supply of ginger beer, which the Americans absolutely did not want to drink.
The evening at the bar was not in vain: Martin and Morgan decided, in general with grief, to try to sell vodka and beer by mixing them and turning them into a cocktail, the recipe for which they will offer the ingredients for it to the bars. Ruff received the noble name Moscow Mule, hinting that the cocktail is a kind of Trojan horse, or rather, the Moscow mule sent by the USSR to the USA.
The stars came together, the beer-vodka cocktail began to be sold! Martin and Morgan became rich and became popular characters. For the reason that neither the taste of vodka nor the taste of ginger beer was close to the Americans, any components added to the cocktail were intended to serve only one purpose: to drown out the real taste of these drinks. Initially, only lime was added to the mule, modern modifications – also with honey and grated ginger.
Since there has been no ginger beer in Russia for a long time, the baremins used ginger lemonade as an alternative. Such a substitution can be treated differently, but to preserve the mind the next day, the variation with lemonade is definitely better than the canonical one.
If you still decide to have a beer, look for it in Lands and Stockman – it has recently appeared here. Nowhere else to get it.

In general, a cocktail that turns losers into millionaires is worth a try.

Moscow mule

50 ml of vodka

100 ml of ginger lemonade or ginger beer

20 ml lime juice

teaspoon of liquid honey

a pinch of grated ginger

There are no difficulties in preparing the Moscow Mule. You just need to send all the components to an ice shaker. Shake well, and then, gently filtering the ginger, pour into a glass of ice.

Traditionally, Mula is drunk from copper mugs. But this is for your taste.


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