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Old school cocktail from the 19th century has become one of the most fashionable in recent times.
Despite its name, the New York Sour cocktail is actually not from New York at all, but from Chicago. There, in the 1880s, bartenders began to fuel the Sauers, adding a little claret (red bardic wine). It became possible to become a popular cocktail in half a century – in New York during the Prohibition period this mix was especially appreciated: wine, lemon and sugar perfectly masked whiskey.

Making The New York Sour yourself is easy.


We need this:

50 ml bourbon
30 ml of lemon juice
20 ml sugar syrup
30 ml dry red wine

15-20 ml of protein (this is approximately half the protein of one egg)
orange peel

First of all, in a shaker with ice, mix all the ingredients except wine and zest. Pour, separating the crash, the mixture into a glass with several cubes of people. And now the time has come for magic: you need to carefully pour the wine into a cocktail.

To do this, take a spoon and pour the wine gently into it. Like this:

main main

At first it will seem that the wine is not evenly distributed inside the glass. But wait a couple of seconds – it should calm down and form a layer on the surface of the drink. This will look something like this:


There is a small touch left: take the zest, twist it with a spiral and irrigate the cocktail with drops of its juice.
The skin itself can be laid up.



PS! If you are confused by raw egg white in the recipe, replace it with protein of 3 quail eggs. Quails have no salmonella!

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