The recipe for homemade liquor from berries or fruits

We are still trying to cope with the summer harvest and offer to experiment with liquors. In this post – a recipe with cherries, but according to the same scheme, you can make any berry-fruit liquor.

This recipe conquered us with its unprecedented simplicity. The taste of the liquor is by no means simple. Pinworm, an interesting shade of taste – all this is in it thanks to spices.


Cherry – 1kg

Vodka – 400 ml.

Cinnamon – a pinch

Vanillin – 1 teaspoon

Nutmeg – a pinch

Clove – a pair of sticks

Sugar – 0.5 kg.

You can add the leaves of cherry (or the berry from which the liquor is made)

We wash and sort the berries, let the water drain. Put the berries in bottles or jars, fill with sugar. Add all the spices and leaves.


We stand in the sun or in a warm place for 8-10 days. Then pour vodka and let it brew for 4 weeks in a dark, cool place. At the end, filter the liquor through cheesecloth and bottle it! Pour it into a beautiful glass and offer ladies! They will appreciate!

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