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Mandelstam proclaimed: “A little red wine, a little sunny May,” then we say: “A little Aperola Spritz, a little sunny May.”

Not that we really wanted to argue with the classic, it’s just that Spritz is drunk more easily than even the finest wine, but also, like the sun, it smells like an orange grove.

Aperol (supposed to pronounce “aperol”, not “aperol”) – liquor, invented in 1919. It is weak, the strength of the aperol is only 11 degrees. Aperol is an Italian drink, with some pomp we will say – this is the concentrated taste of Italy. What is the composition of aperol? Oranges, rhubarb, gentian, Piedmont herbs, fruits of the cinchona tree.
Liquor is the main component of the Aperol Spritz cocktail, it is he who sets the taste. In addition, the composition includes dry sparkling and soda. Nevertheless, the sparkling taste in this cocktail is almost not felt – the bright orange notes of aperol overpower everything. Remember this when picking up sparkling wine. If suddenly you have high-acid wine at hand, for example, this is the brut that is produced under the Sovetskoye Shampagne brand, its quantity, in comparison with the recipe, needs to be reduced, and instead of this, more water should be added. Thus, you will retain the taste of aperol, which should dominate the cocktail and in no case should be interrupted by sparkling wine.
The Aperol Spritz mix was invented on the basis of a cocktail that already existed at that time, simply called Spritz – it had everything except liquor, that is, mineral water (or soda) and sparkling wine. This drink was drunk at that time for a hundred years – it was a popular Mediterranean summer mix, which appeared on the menu in the first decades of the 19th century.
Aperol made a good drink brilliant, giving it a taste that made the mix recognizable and unlike anything else.
It’s nice that unlike many cocktails, you don’t need to know any tricks to prepare everything correctly.

Aperol spritz


Getting started:

Pour into a glass 60 ml Aperol


We pour here sparkling, for example, prosecco or champagne, 90 ml


Add water. You can choose any very carbonated, the most common Aqua Minerale, for example. Well, or buy a special soda.


Now add ice – as much as possible.
All! Do not mix anything. Throw it into a glass or fasten an orange slice onto the side.
A bit of aperol spritz, a little sunny may …


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