Viennese coffee. Recipe 1683.

Some recipes are older than you might imagine. Here, for example, Viennese coffee, a modern and, it would seem, relevant drink is actually a veteran.

Having a cup of coffee in Viennese is like having a ride on a time machine. Each sip is a gastronomic excursion into history.

How the recipe for this coffee was born is known in detail. It was first prepared in 1683. This was the year when the army of the great Turkish vizier Kara-Mustafa besieged Vienna. An attempt by the Turks to conquer the capital of the Habsburg Empire did not end in success. Kara-Mustafa was defeated, and among the property seized from the vizier there were several bags of coffee. The Austrians tried to brew a new drink for that time – coffee, in Turkish fashion, but it was too bitter and unusually tart. Sugar and whipped cream were added to coffee – the taste became more familiar to Europeans.


  • Black ground coffee – 1 teaspoon for every 80 ml of water
  • Sugar – 1-2 teaspoons per cup, or a glass of finished drink
  • Whipped cream – 40 g per cup of finished drink
  • Chocolate – half a wedge per cup

Of course, the original component of Viennese coffee is Turkish coffee. According to the canonical recipe, it must be cooked in cezve. Turkish coffee is a strong coffee, we offer a dosage of 1 teaspoon of coffee for every 80 ml of water. The final strength of the drink will not be so intense, because the coffee will be diluted with cream.

So, after the coffee is brewed, pour it into a glass. Add one or two tablespoons of sugar. Put 40 grams of whipped cream in coffee, sprinkle them with chocolate chips on top.

Viennese coffee is most delicious to drink from transparent glasses. In them, he looks like an elegant dessert. Best of all – from heat-saving, in which Viennese coffee will be hot for a long time. This is for the taste of the drink – a fundamental point.

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