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Whatever brand of coffee you drink, it will most likely be grown in Brazil. This is the most coffee country. Often there is also coffee from Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia. Despite the fact that these countries are the main global suppliers of coffee, the coffee tree itself can be grown not only there, but almost anywhere in the world.


If you drink coffee in order to wake up, do it one hour after you got up. At this point, coffee works best. Invigorate will be stronger. This is due to the way coffee interacts with hormones produced during certain phases of the day.


Why masculine coffee? Because coffee appeared in Russia in Peter’s time and was called the word “coffee”. Subsequently, the word changed, the genus remained.


The simplest, but at the same time, allowing the taste and aroma to be revealed by the method of making coffee, is considered to be brewing in a French press. The most famous manufacturer of French presses does not come from a coffee country at all. This is BODUM – Swiss of Danish descent.


If you smell one after another several types of perfume, for example, picking up perfumes for yourself, and at some moment you start to smell worse, inhale the aroma of coffee beans, after that the ability to perceive smells will be restored. In large cosmetic stores somewhere on the shelf you can always find a plate with coffee grains.


There is a Coffee Quality Institute. He is located in California, is a non-profit organization. Its function is to monitor the coffee market, analyze how different varieties are stored, and train those who want to become an expert in this field to work with coffee.


One of the most sophisticated ways to brew coffee is through a rover. The method eliminates scalding of ground coffee with steam or boiling water. Brewing occurs at a temperature of no more than 96 degrees. Therefore, in the process of preparation, the taste remains natural, exactly the taste that coffee bean itself has, without the changes that boiling water and steam bring into it.


As in eastern countries there is a tea ceremony, so in Ethiopia there is a coffee ceremony. It lasts for many hours, begins with washing coffee beans, roasting, and ends with pouring coffee into cups.


Not so long ago, scientists found that drinking coffee significantly reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.


The very first coffee house in the whole world was an institution in Istanbul, which opened already at the end of the 15th century.


They learned how to make instant coffee at the very beginning of the 20th century.


The tradition of drinking coffee on the go – coffe to go – hails from the United States. Although the paper cup was invented in 1912, coffe to go became widespread much later – in the 60s.

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