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Blue tea is a completely surreal drink, the look of which does not hint at edibility. It smells gently, but does not have a pronounced taste. Despite this, having tried it, you will surely never forget it.

Those who traveled to Thailand usually know about blue tea. Blue tea is made from Thai orchid clitoris. In Thailand, this is a very common drink, in other countries blue tea is usually sold either in Thai stores or in places specializing in organic products.

Blue tea is one hundred percent home magic. Not only that, having brewed it, you can, without blinking an eye, serve a blue drink to the table, but also then, in front of an amazed audience, turn it into bright purple. Blue tea changes color when lemon juice is added to it. And since blue tea does not have such a strong taste of its own, this method is very popular. In addition to lemon, mint is also sent to blue tea. All together it turns out fresh and tasty, and the look has a witching and mysterious.

Blue tea is prepared differently than regular tea. Dried flowers should be put in a kettle and pour them with hot, but not boiling water.


Count to ten, then drain the water. Now you need to fill the flowers with water again and leave it to leave for about three minutes. Such tea is conveniently brewed in the French press.


Blue tea is often served not hot, but rather cold. With ice cubes and different herbs. It turns out a beautiful soft drink.

But this is not all the joys that a holder of a pack of blue tea can get. If you have such tea, then you have incredible opportunities for coloring anything edible in blue. Suddenly you will have such a fantasy? The most spectacular is rice. By itself, it may not look very interesting, but complete with other colored elements on a dish can create an incredibly beautiful gastronomic landscape.



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