What to choose: a Turk, a coffee maker or a French press?

Making coffee is a simple task. I’m deciding what to cook it for – it’s not an easy task. When you choose coffee equipment for your kitchen, first determine what type of coffee will you make most often? Strength, astringency, or maybe you like sour coffee? Upon learning, you can choose the right coffee maker. In what coffee devices are intended for, today we understand.

Classic coffee device. Suitable for those who like thick, dense coffee, especially coffee with sugar.


It is best suited for making oriental coffee, which, according to the original recipe, is brewed with sugar.
In Turk, the most important criterion is wall thickness. If the coffee heats up instantly, the taste will not be complete. A gradual heating is needed, therefore the walls should be thick. our favorite among all the Turks is

Turks Ceraflame

. They are made of special heat-resistant ceramics and the coffee in them is excellent.

Suitable for those who like coffee of medium strength and do not like to stand by the stove. In

French press

you fall asleep coffee and pour boiling water. it’s all the effort that is required of you. then for 3-4 minutes the coffee itself will brew, a special filter will separate the thick, that’s all – after that your drink is ready.

It is extremely fashionable now.

coffee pots

. They became popular thanks to coffee sommeliers, who found out that this is the only method of preparing a drink that gives a completely natural taste of coffee, not changed scalding with water or steam. What is the point? You pour coffee into a special funnel net and slowly spill it from the kettle with hot water. The essence is about a drip coffee machine: water passing through coffee brews it. Do not use boiling water, but slightly cooled (up to about 96 degrees) water. It does not change the taste of coffee, in contrast to methods when coffee is scalded with boiling water, or even less, it is brewed.

Many know

vacuum coffee makers

on such still Soviet models. Once they were in many houses.

Modern vacuum coffee makers may look very different, but they all have the same operating principle.

Two vessels – lower and upper – are connected by an inner tube. Water is at the bottom, ground coffee is at the top. boiling, water rises into the upper vessel – it remains there exactly as much as is needed to brew coffee, and then it goes back down. This brewing method gives a strong, tart, dense coffee.

This design can be implemented much more elegantly than in Soviet models. Look at the vacuum coffee maker.


consisting of two transparent glass spherical vessels.

This coffee maker turns the process of brewing coffee into a magical ritual. Boiling water rises from the lower tank to the upper – a bewitching and beautiful sight!

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