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We have collected a collection of facts about cappuccino, having studied which this coffee will seem even tastier to you!


Only for breakfast!

In Italy, the birthplace of cappuccino, it is only ordered for breakfast. If you ask him after 11 in the morning, just give him a tourist. After lunch, they drink espresso.

It’s juicy

Do you know that cappuccino can be sprinkled on top not only with cinnamon, but also with ginger? Dried chopped ginger gives the coffee a piquant note.


Classic proportions

The proportions of the classic cappuccino are as follows: the total volume of the finished drink is 180 ml. Of these, 25 ml is espresso, the rest is milk and thick foam.


Cappuccino in a BODUM cup

What kind of milk is beaten well?

Not only cow’s milk can be used to create cappuccino froths. Almond, rice, or goat milk also foams well.

Tazza grande

Tazza grande is the Italian term for the type of cup in which cappuccino is served. This cup is slightly wider than the classic coffee, most often made of white porcelain without decor. The volume of a traditional cup for cappuccino is 180 ml.

Italy won

The World Cup of Cappuccino is held annually in London. Despite the location, only Italians always win the competition.

3D cappuccino

Kazuki Yamamoto is a world-famous barista making 3D cappuccino. The voluminous compositions of the foam that he builds look fantastic.


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