Baked Fruit and Nut Cookies Recipe

Baked Fruit and Nut Cookies

How to make Baked Fruit and Nut Cookies

  • Step 1 Prepare a dough

    To prepare these delectable cookies, in a dough kneading bowl mix icing sugar and refined flour with the help of a wooden spoon or ladle, to combine the ingredients together. Now add in half of the melted butter (that is 300 grams butter) and knead a dough. Add a little water if required.

  • Step 2 Bake the dough

    Now, in a preheated oven bake the dough for 15 minutes at 180 degrees. The dough should only be half baked at this point.

  • Step 3 Mix the other ingredients

    While the dough bakes, take a bowl and add in it the remaining butter, breakfast sugar, cashew, dried cherry, black currants, glucose, heavy cream and honey. Using a spoon mix the ingredients very well to combine everything together.

  • Step 4 Spread the mixture on base and bake

    Now, spread this mixture on the prepared baked dough base and bake again for 10 minutes at 220 degrees.

  • Step 5 Give desired shape and serve

    Once done, let the mix cool down and cut into desired shapes to obtain Baked Fruit and Nut Cookies.

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