Chicken hearts stewed in sour cream and tomato sauce

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A simple recipe for chicken hearts stewed in tomato and sour cream sauce. According to this recipe, chicken hearts are very easy to cook, they turn out to be very tasty and juicy. The main thing is to put out the chicken hearts well so that the juiciness of meat and sauce is ideal. Serving chicken hearts in a sauce is best with mashed potatoes, the recipe of which can be found here.

Chicken Hearts
1 kg
Tomato paste
Sour cream 15%
Cream 10%
1/2 cup
Salt, pepper, Italian herbs
for frying

Instruction manual

Optionally, add onion to the hearts during frying and stewing.

1. Rinse the chicken hearts thoroughly, put them in a pan and simmer over low heat in oil for 50 minutes under the lid. In the process, mix a couple of times. During stewing, I do not add water, and the hearts are stewed in their juice under the lid. But if there is not enough water at all – you can add 1-2 tablespoons of water.

2. While the hearts are stewed, in a deep bowl mix sour cream, cream, tomato paste and spices to taste.

3. After 50 minutes of stewing, add the sauce to the pan and simmer all together for another 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

P.S. You can serve with any side dish, but the best option is mashed potatoes!


Garnish chicken hearts and mashed potatoes with fresh greens and can be served!

Chicken hearts stewed in sour cream and tomato sauce

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