Chocolate mousse with whipped cream and raspberries


Milk and dark chocolate
90 g (45 g each species)
Granular Gelatin
5 g
Chilled water
2 tbsp. l
Cream 33%
240 ml
Fresh raspberries
for decoration

Servings Per Container: Approximately 2-3 jars filled 1/3 full.

1. Break the chocolate into small pieces, pour in 140 ml of cream and put in a water bath.

2. Dilute gelatin in a mug of water. When the chocolate and cream are slightly cooled, heat the gelatin (but do not bring to a boil) and pour into the chocolate mass.

3. Gently mix and pour into jars about 1/3. We put in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

4. Before serving, beat the remaining cream, use a pastry bag to spread them on the mousse, decorate with raspberries on top.

P.S. 15 minutes to prepare the mousse and 2-3 hours to solidify.


Chocolate mousse with whipped cream and raspberries

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