Cranberry jam


Fresh cranberries
1 kilogram (or less or more, but the calculation should be sugar-cranberry 1.5 to 1)
Orange or lemon
1 PC.
1.5 kg per 1 kg of cranberries

When preparing cranberry jam, it is impossible to accurately calculate the proportions. It all depends on whether you prefer a sweeter or more sour jam. Therefore, when cooking, you must constantly try, and add sugar in parts to understand how much sugar you need.

1. Sort the cranberries, remove the small leaves, carefully rinse the berries.

2. After this, the berries can be ground in a blender, gradually adding sugar. You can start with 1/3, then add sugar and grind again.

3. When you decide on the amount of sugar, you can add an orange to the jam. It must be washed, cut into small slices and also added to the jam and grind.

4. I add with the zest, but the orange can also be peeled by adding only the pulp. Instead of orange, you can add lemon.

5. The jam turns out to be liquid, but when it stands in the refrigerator, it thickens.

P.S. Store only in the refrigerator, as it is not overcooked.


Cranberry jam

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