Dry Fruit Modak Recipe

Dry Fruit Modak

How to make Dry Fruit Modak

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    Step 1 Form a dough by grinding dry fruits with ghee

    To start preparing this delicious modak, grind cashews and almonds in a grinder. To this powdered mixture, add dry coconuts, raisins and dates and grind them as well with the help of a grinder. Now, add ghee and start pulsing the mixture again until it forms a dough. You can use a little amount of water if the dough isn’t coming together. Once you get a perfect dough for making modaks, transfer it to plate.

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    Step 2 Prepare modaks with the help of modak moulds

    Grease the modak mould with oil and stuff the dough in those moulds. After a while, open the mould and there you have this delicious Dry Fruits Modak. Serve this modak as prasad to Lord Ganesha.

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