Epic cheesecake


Cookies Lyubyatovo “Chocolate”
Cream 35%
Vanilla sugar
Cute eggs
5 pieces
Hohland Cremetto Cream Cheese
1 kg

Even without comment. I will say simply – you can go crazy with taste. And eat the whole cake. Right away. So be very careful if you decide to cook it.

1. Mercilessly chop cookies and butter in the combine.

2. Gently wrap the bottom of the detachable shape with baking paper. Lay out the top and tamp the crumb well.

3. Send the cheese into a large bowl and knead it with a spatula with a spatula (this type of cheese is very dense, you need to make it easier to mix the ingredients in the future).

4. Pour in the cream and knead until smooth.

5. Then sugar and mix again.

6. At the end, add eggs and continue your mission to achieve a homogeneous texture, friendship and understanding.

7. Gently pour the cheese into the mold.

8. Preheat the oven to 130-140 degrees (here you will understand the optimum temperature for it only by experience. For me, it’s better to be quieter and longer).

9. Place a heat-resistant mold with water on the bottom of the oven.

10. Then send the cheesecake there for an hour and a half (the middle should barely tremble, but he himself should remain bright at the same time).
11. Turn off the oven (do not poke your curious nose – you can’t open the oven yet).

12. Leave the cheesecake there to cool completely.

P.S. After (if necessary, cool down on the window) send it in the refrigerator for the night to think about the eternal.


In the morning, enjoy the epic taste and please do not get off the blush!

Epic cheesecake

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