Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake
  • Total Time40m
  • Prep Time20 m
  • Calories274

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An incredibly delicious cake recipe, Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is extremely easy-to-prepare. Made with chocolate fudge sauce and whipped cream, you can make this sumptuous recipe for special occasions and get-together. Kids will also enjoy this easy recipe.

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How to make Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

  • Step 1

    Make ice cream sandwiches with biscuits and cream( put a layer of cream between two biscuits and freeze for 2-3 hours).Heat the hot fudge sauce for about 30 seconds. Spread half of the sauce over the ice cream sandwiches.

  • Step 2

    Top with half of the whipped topping. Repeat layers: ice cream sandwiches, hot fudge sauce and whipped topping.

  • Step 3

    Once done scatter sprinkles or nuts over the top.

  • Step 4

    Freeze, uncovered for two hours then cover with foil and freeze for another hour.

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