Paris Brest Recipe

Paris Brest

How to make Paris Brest

  • Step 1 Prepare the Choux paste

    Firstly, for the choux paste, you need to boil the water along with butter, salt, and sugar. To it, add the all purpose flour and cook for some time. Then take it off the gas stove.

  • Step 2 Baking the choux paste

    One at a time, add eggs to the flour mixture, accompanied by vanilla essence and mix thoroughly. Now taking a piping bag, fill it with the mixture and start piping the latter into the shape of a crown on a baking tray. If you wish to, you can drizzle some almond flakes on the choux paste. Preheat your oven to 220 degrees Celsius and allow the choux paste to bake for about 25 to 30 minutes. After the baking is done, set it aside to let it cool completely.

  • Step 3 Prepare the Pastry cream

    In order to prepare the Pastry Cream, boil milk, sugar, salt along with cornflour, eggs, and vanilla essence. Keep on stirring with a whisk until the mixture thickens.

  • Step 4 Let the pastry cream cool down

    After the mixture thickens, turn off the heat and add butter to it while it is kept to cool. After the mixture cools down completely, add hazelnut paste and whipped cream to it.

  • Step 5 Assemble the Paris Brest and pastry cream and enjoy

    Now, using a serrated knife, cut across the Paris Brest. Now pipe the mixture on the lower half of the Paris Brest and place the upper part of the Paris Brest on the top the cream. Serve fresh and enjoy the delight.

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