Rose Chocolate Truffle Balls Recipe

Rose Chocolate Truffle Balls

How to make Rose Chocolate Truffle Balls

  • Step 1 Combine ingredients for truffle balls

    In a bowl, finely crumble the bread, add powdered sugar, gulkand, 50 grams of chopped white chocolate and butter. Mix well and make 1 inch balls out of the mixture.

  • Step 2 Melt the chocolate and combine it with heavy cream

    Over a double boiler, melt remaining chopped white chocolate, stirring casually until smooth and completely melted (DO NOT heat above 105 degrees). In a small sauce pan simmer heavy cream. Remove from heat, add melted white chocolate and stir until the chocolate is combined with heavy cream.

  • Step 3 Prepare the rose chocolate truffle balls and serve

    Dip the bread balls in the white chocolate mixture and roll it over rose petals and almond flakes. Refrigerate until firm. Serve Chilled.

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