Tiramisu classic


4 things.
100 g
Mascarpone Cheese
500 g
Savoyardi Cookies
1 pack
400 ml
Marsala Wine
2-3 tbsp. l

Today there are many variations of this dessert. But still the classic recipe remains more popular and unique.

1. An hour and a half before preparation, it is necessary to brew coffee. Cookies should be dipped in cold coffee.

2. Remove the Mascarpone cheese from the refrigerator to make it soft and pliable when whipping.

3. First, separate the yolks from the protein. Protein needs to be added a little bit and put in the refrigerator to cool.

4. Beat the yolks, add sugar and mix well. You can whip cream for Tiramisu with a whisk or a mixer, you can just use a fork. All ingredients must be added gradually and beat well – this is an important point, then the cream will turn out airy and without lumps.

5. Add the mascarpone (in parts) to the whipped yolks with sugar and mix well so that there are no lumps.

6. Remove the proteins from the refrigerator and beat them with a mixer until stable peaks.

7. Introduce the protein in parts into the cream and mix gently. The cream is ready!

8. Pour coffee into a deep plate and add a couple of tablespoons of Marsala wine (dessert sweet can be seen).

9. Take the form. Dip Savoyardi cookies and put them in a shape, in a row (cookies must be very quickly lowered in coffee half and immediately removed).

10. Put a portion of the cream on top of the cookies and spread over the entire surface.

11. After making a second level of cookies. Depending on the size of the mold, you may have 2 or 3 layers of cookies.

12. Cover the last layer of cookies with the remaining cream. Put Tiramisu in the refrigerator to cool (optimally for the night).

13. After that, put on a plate and sprinkle with cocoa (sweet or bitter).

P.S. * Cooking time – 20 minutes (+ impregnation of 8-10 hours); servings – 12. ** Marsala wine can be replaced with another sweet wine, for example, Madera. And you can add a couple of teaspoons of brandy or not add alcohol at all.


Tiramisu – a divine Italian dessert! Very tasty, very airy and very tender. He just melts in his mouth and leaves no one indifferent. A great option for a festive table, a romantic dinner, or just when you want something tasty.

Tiramisu classic

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