Teekhi Beetroot Biryani Recipe

Teekhi Beetroot Biryani

How to make Teekhi Beetroot Biryani

  • Step 1 Prepare the chilli garlic butter

    Heat butter in a broad flat bottomed pan and fry garlic and green chillies in it. Add a pinch of salt and turmeric to it and just saute for 10 seconds.

  • Step 2 Mix boiled rice with chilli garlic butter

    Add the cold rice, separating it with fork or spatula, mixing it well with the chilli garlic butter. Keep the flame low, and frequently stir this without covering it. You may sprinkle some water on top if it gets too dry. Once its done, put it aside in a plate.

  • Step 3 Saute ginger-onion and then stir fry all the vegetables

    Now in the same pan, heat oil, add asafoetida and after frying it for a half a minute add chopped onion and ginger into it. Fry until it gets browned. Throw in all the other vegetables and remaining spices and salt. Cook this covered for 10-12 minutes on low-medium flame, stirring in between.

  • Step 4 Cook rice with vegetables for 2-3 minutes, and serve hot

    When done, add in the cooked rice and mix well but very gently, taking care not to break the rice apart. Keep the flame medium and stir this continuously for another minute. Turn off and garnish with paprika and black pepper, with a few sprigs of cilantro.

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