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Did not have time to buy gifts for the New Year? There is still time! In order to have time to receive an order before the New Year holidays, the order must be placed before 2 pm on December 26.
In our selection you will find interesting gifts for people with different hobbies and interests. Look for the full range of gifts in the main section of our online store – here www.domos.ru

A gift for those who love picnics in the country


The best summer cottage entertainment is to arrange gatherings in the garden with friends. For companions, for culinary men, there is no better gift than

this grill

. Do you think he is ordinary? No! Its peculiarity is that it is easily assembled into a compact design, which can be stored on a shelf or put into the trunk of a car and go with it, for example, for fishing. The grill is made with high quality, soundly – it is produced by the Swiss brand Bodum.

Environmentally Ethical Gift

Thermomug traveling Walmer Eco Cup

If you are looking for a gift for a person who is attentive to environmental issues, for example, gives plastic, glass and batteries to special collection points, he will definitely like

such a thermomug

. It is made of biodegradable material and, after it has served its useful life, will not harm the environment. The mug material is a mixture of rice fiber and plastic. The famous English brand Walmer produces such thermomugs.

A gift for lovers of the oven

Natural marble Premier Housewares rolling pin with wooden stand

Marble Rolling Pin

– a luxurious gift. Natural stone with beautiful veins easily rolls out the dough. Such a rolling pin has impressive weight, which means that it is much easier to roll out the dough than any other. In addition, the dough does not stick to the polished marble surface. Those who often bake will definitely appreciate such a thing.

Gift for moms and dads with young children

Frying pan Walmer

This frying pan

for fritters with drawings. The relief applied to the bottom of the pan is imprinted on the surface of the fritters, resulting in funny faces. Making such emoticons for breakfast or snack is a pleasure.

A gift for lovers of original things

Salads and serving dishes

in the form of various vegetables and fruits – pepper, tomato, cabbage, onion, orange and kiwi – made of thin (2.5-3mm), but durable glass. They are exactly like real vegetables and fruits, bright and juicy. The drawing is located on the back side (that is, it does not come into contact with food) and is applied using the thermal printing method, which means that it does not erase when washed. Those who like to fill their home with unusual objects and appreciate originality will definitely like this thing.

A gift for wine lovers

Wine decanter Bodum Melior

Unusual decanter

, designed to pour wine into it before serving, has an inclined position. Thanks to this, he provides wine the opportunity to reveal his taste. The decanter is made of a special type of glass – borosilicate. It is extremely lightweight, which gives a special style to this item. Swiss quality, stylish design – all this will not leave indifferent a connoisseur.

Gourmet Gift

Premier mortar with natural marble pestle

Truly keen on gastronomy, people never use ready-made, ground spices. Grind cardamom in a mortar, grind dry herbs – this is a real ritual, which guarantees that the seasoning will be as fragrant as possible and will completely give the dish its taste.

Marble mortar

with a heavy pestle that makes it possible to rub even fairly hard peas of black pepper without much effort, it looks really luxurious. It will not only be useful in the kitchen, but also decorate it.

A gift for meat lovers

Grill pan Walmer Stonehenge

Grill pans

Is the best way to make a great steak. They allow you to use the minimum amount of oil, give the meat the opportunity to maintain juiciness. The taste of products cooked on grill pans is really very close to the taste of dishes made on a real grill with an open fire. It is appropriate to give such a thing to a man who likes to eat tasty food or a woman who is trying to delight her family with a variety of dishes.

A gift for lovers of whiskey and cocktails

Set of Thermal Glasses Aristocrat


double walled glasses

. The glass of these glasses is extremely thin, and they themselves are light. It is important to know that at the same time the glasses are no less durable than ordinary ones. The thing is that the glass used to produce such things has a special chemical composition. Substances that increase strength are added to the glass mass.
Now to the main thing: why are these glasses perfect for whiskey or cocktails? It is because of the double walls. They insulate the drink from the heat that appears when we hold the glass in our hand. For some drinks, such as cognac, warmth of the hand is necessary – it helps to open the taste. With other drinks – for example, whiskey and cocktails with ice – the heat is incompatible. Fans of aesthetically pleasing drinks will be happy with such a gift.

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