3 convenient spice mills

The winner in the nomination “Simplicity” – mill Jamie Oliver

These pretty simple but comfortable mills were invented by Jamie Oliver. He, as it turned out, knows a lot about not only cooking, but also kitchen utensils. Under his own brand, he produces all kinds of necessary items in the kitchen, and here are the mills – among them. The main advantage of this mill is that it is easy to replenish and nothing to spill. Unscrew the lid, pick up a special rubber “collar” through which pepper falls asleep. It is convenient to hold the pepper shaker in your hand; you can adjust the degree of grinding.

Cole & Mason Buzz Revolution Mill Winning Total Electrification nomination

This mill has a motor. It works, no less, from 5 batteries. In the matter of grinding spices, you will not need any effort – a fashion device does everything by itself. For the mill to work, you just need to turn it upside down – once in this position, it automatically turns on. The degree of grinding is adjustable, and the blades are sharpened sharper nowhere, the warranty on the item is life-long. When you grind pepper, the backlight works – you can use it even at night in pitch darkness.

Nomination “Multifunctionality” – Bodum color mill

Bright Bodum space mills work on the principle of the previous instance and allow you to grind pepper and salt with one hand, while the other is busy with something else – just turn the pepperbox over the dish. But this mill is suitable for several spices – it has two compartments – in one of which you can add, for example, salt, in the other – pepper. The mill is powered by 6 batteries.

With a fixture in the kitchen like a spice mill, you’ll add them to all your dishes. Be it patties, lentils, soup or salad.

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