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The quality of the cooking is always determined by the details. So it is with meat: to fry a tasty and juicy piece, it is not enough just to have good meat on hand. You need allies, helpers who will make the cooking process easy.

All these are quite obvious subjects, but the choice of each of them has its own nuances, and we are talking about them.


Walmer Titanium meat cutting knife


Don’t even try to cut a good piece of meat with a bad knife. A dull knife, a knife with a swirling, not sufficiently rigid blade, or a knife with serrations on the blade is the best tool to ruin any a piece. The fibers are crushed, the structure of the meat is broken, and then when frying, such pieces lose all the juice and at the exit you have not meat, but outsole.
So: to have a special meat knife in the kitchen, a knife that you honestly, without making any exceptions, will only be used for meat and make sure that the blade is always perfectly ground – this is a necessity.
A knife is an item that can cost as much as you like. The upper bound has no limit. It can be a hand-forged knife, a knife with an ergonomic handle designed specifically for your hand, or it can be just that – simple but of high quality.
Blade of knife allows you to conveniently cut a piece into steaks, separate the veins from the pulp, cut fat. Useful detail: antibacterial coating. The coating not only helps keep the cutting surface in perfect cleanliness, but also prevents food from sticking to the blade.

Grill pan

Grill pan Walmer Stonehenge


The meat fried in a regular pan and in a grill pan has a different taste. You can cook in a grill pan with a minimum amount of oil: this has a strong effect, it turns out more expressive. Besides, the grilled pieces are more juicy, and the strip marks that leave the bottom of the pan on the steaks look appetizing. If you have not tried to cook in such a pan, then this must be done: you will be surprised how often as a result you will use it – it is useful not only for meat, but for chicken and vegetables.
Pay attention to the quality of the non-stick coating. In the pan in the photo it is multi-layered, and the speckles on the surface are not just a pattern, but particles that strengthen the non-stick layer – these pans really last a long time.


Zyliss Oil Mister Dispenser Spray


So, if you fry the meat in a grill pan, you need to somehow lubricate the surface with oil. Pour it on the surface and let it spread, as we do with ordinary pans, it will not work because of the grooves. It is most convenient to apply oil to such pans with a spray spray. A minimum amount of oil is consumed, exactly as much as needed, that the meat does not stick.


Tenderizer for meat Zyliss


If you didn’t get the softest piece of meat, you must soften it before frying. You can use a traditional hammer for meat, or you can use a more modern device – a tenderizer. You press the button and a dozen thin sharpest blades make micro-cuts on the surface of the piece.


Walmer Richardson Spice Mill


Salt, ground at the mill and ordinary, shop grinding are, as they would say in Odessa, two big differences.
The taste differs greatly, let alone the difference in the tastes of the prepared and freshly ground peppers: black, pink, white. In a word, such a mill is a must have.


Walmer meat thermometer


A large piece of meat is difficult to bake. To make the baking result predictable, use a thermometer. It measures the temperature inside a piece of meat, and can also be used to measure temperature in the oven. With this device you will not be nervous when serving dishes such as baked meat leg, turkey, duck.

Sauce container

Brush saucepan BODUM Bistro


Many types of meat require marinating before cooking. You can fill the pieces with marinade so that the meat in it floats. But the amount of marinade, in fact, does not affect the quality of pickling. Do not translate products: grease the meat with marinade, and do not immerse it in it. For these purposes, you need a brush and a container. This is most convenient if it is a kit where the brush is conveniently attached to the lid of the saucepan.

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