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Have you tried painting eggs with nail polish? It doesn’t sound very appetizing, but the result is amazing. If you do not damage the shell during the cooking of the eggs, if the shell does not crack, then the varnish will not penetrate inside and despite the fact that this is not food material, the eggs can be eaten.
How to achieve beautiful shell stains? The secret is that you do not paint the surface with a brush, but lower the egg into the water, with varnish poured into it. The varnish remains on the shell, forming a thin film.
So, what do you need for staining:

  • Disposable container – e.g. a plastic cup

  • Room temperature water

  • Several types of varnishes

  • Toothpick

  • Nail polish remover (to clean hands after painting)

A few important nuances:

  • Water temperature can affect how varnish behaves. If the varnish in the water does not remain on the surface, but drowns, this means that the water is too warm.

  • Varnishes are suitable for absolutely any, we highly recommend trying gold and silver, they coolly shade any other colors.

  • It is convenient to use a wide container in which the egg will float freely

To paint in this way you need eggs that are already cooked and cooled.
Fill the container with water at room temperature and drip several colors of varnish onto the surface of the water.

Now you need a toothpick – blot it with varnish so that the spots of different colors at the edges are combined.
Now you can start painting eggs. Immerse the egg completely in the liquid, and then take it slowly upstairs.

The egg will have unpainted ends for which you held. Lay the egg to dry so that it rests just about these ends. Then you can dip them when the paint layer has completely hardened.

Here is such a simple way of coloring, real painting! Any abstractionist will envy!

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