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If kebab, grilled sausages and kebab are already completed, you want new tastes and ways of cooking meat on an open fire, try the Argentinean asado.
For every Argentinean family that respects national traditions, an important asset is a grill for cooking meat. It is in almost every house, and aromatic asado is prepared directly in the courtyards or on the balconies of the houses. The fathers of families are engaged in this – and for such chefs the sonorous word “asador” is coined: it is this person who knows how to make a quality-fried dinner out of a simple beef rib.

The classic asado is made from beef ribs, but if you like chicken or pork, then they may well turn into asado. The whole point is not to torture the meat with various marinades, but to give the opportunity to reveal to it its natural taste and aroma.


Chimichurri sauce, specially invented as an addition to fried meat, adds an extra vivid note to the dish. It is prepared on the basis of olive oil and red or white vinegar, in a mixture of which chopped parsley, garlic, oregano are generously added, and cilantro, thyme, lemon and tomatoes are also used.

By the way, if you go back to talking about kebabs dear to your heart, you can come up with a variant of the kebab in Argentinean and use chimichurri not as a sauce, but as a marinade – here’s a new recipe in the Latin American spirit.
But to try yourself in the role of a real asador, use the traditional asado recipe. For him you will need:

  1. For asado:
  2. Beef Ribs – 2 kg
  3. Salt
  4. For chimichurri sauce for asado:
  5. Olive Oil – 100 ml
  6. Apple cider vinegar – 50 ml
  7. Black Balsamic – 30 ml
  8. Parsley – a large bunch
  9. Cilantro – a large bunch
  10. Garlic – 6 cloves
  11. Hot pepper – 1 pc.
  12. Bell pepper – 1 pc.
  13. Oregano 3-4 sprigs
  14. Sun-dried tomatoes – 3-4 slices
  15. Juice of one lemon

Beef for asado should be oily enough so that the meat does not dry out and the fat melting from the heat of coals makes it more juicy. The meat must be washed, dried and cut into large pieces so that at least one bone remains in each of them. If it is possible and the size of the grill allows, then a piece can be prepared and the whole thing is most often done in Argentina. On the grill with suitable coals, lay the beef ribs and fry on each side until a crust forms. Do not salt the meat at the beginning of cooking, do it as soon as remove it from the heat.

As soon as the meat crust is browned, we leave it to go: the cooking time will depend on the size of the slices and on the degree of roasting that you want to get. It is important to often turn over the asado so that the heat uniformly brings the meat to the desired condition.


While the meat is languishing on the coals, we will start preparing the sauce. For chimichurri, mix in a deep bowl olive oil, balsamic and apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. In a mortar we put garlic, oregano leaves, chopped hot pepper (peeled from seeds) and grind everything to a state of gruel. We shift it into a bowl with oil and vinegar, and then pour the chopped greens there, chopped bell pepper and sun-dried tomatoes, salt as finely as possible.

Ready meat is cut into portioned portions and sprinkled with plenty of sauce.


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