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Cornish pasties are large, the size of a whole lunch. This is their essence: to be a sufficient daily snack for a man who has to spend all day on hard physical work.
Cornish wives baked them for their husbands miners. Look closely at This archival photograph – many have the same pies in their hands.

The dough in this cake was a purely functional component, it was needed only to serve as a filling packaging. Inside the test, lunch – meat and vegetables – could be kept if not hot, then at least warm.
That is why for Cornish pies, the dough is rolled out rather thickly, and indeed it does not differ in special grace.
The pies in their homeland, in England, have a whole army of admirers, and they follow all the rules for baking them. a serious organization is the Cornwall Patty Association.
Our friends are a team of the British brand Walmer, traditionally advising our blog on English cuisine, and this time they helped us out and shared a canonical recipe for pies.

  • for the test:
  • 500g flour
  • 120g melted fat
  • 125g butter
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 175 ml cold water
  • 1 yolk whipped with a teaspoon of milk – for lubrication
  • For filling:
  • 450g beef
  • 450g potatoes
  • 250g swede
  • 200g onions
  • Salt – taste
  • ground pepper – a generous portion, the filling should be very peppered

We start with the test. First of all, you need to cut the butter into small pieces and mix it with flour. Then send the same animal fat here. Stir your hands, knead: you should get a dough that looks like a mountain of crumbs. Add water, salt, knead the dough until it becomes elastic. It takes time: the dough is quite tight and served not without effort. So, when you are done, wrap the dough with cling film and put in the refrigerator for a long time: for three hours. As the Cornish Patty Association explains to us, this is an extremely important episode of the whole culinary process: the dough that has aged less does not have the necessary elasticity and trying to roll it before the end of the three-hour period is utter blasphemy.
So, roll enough chilled dough and cut into large circles. Traditionally, a plate of 22-24 centimeters is used for this.
Now about the filling: all its components must be raw. This is a matter of principle. Pre-cooked meat is not suitable for you, only raw.
The whole stuffing, and meat, and potatoes, rutabaga, onions are quite large pieces. There is no time for tenderness: chop in a simple, clumsy, substantial pieces.
Pepper generously, from the heart. Salt a little bit. Hinder – not a spoon, not a spatula, hands! Mind, do not overdo it, but carefully so as not to crush the pieces. Spread the filling without skimping, in large portions, and then pinch the edges of the dough. The pies should be with a thick scythe, a semicircular edge. Without pinches, without a crest on the side (here, the “Association of Cornish Pies” insists) Cornish pies and not Cornish in general.

Lubricate the surface of the dough with egg mixture, bake on a baking sheet at 165 ° C for 50-55 minutes.

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