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The most delicate and spring designs are those in which natural flowers are present. Here are two simple ideas – gypsophila wreaths or the first blossomed leaves and flowers tied with thin twine.
If you want to firmly fix the plants, you can use flour paste. It is prepared from flour and water (1: 1). Mix them, bring to a boil, cool. The resulting dense mass can attach floral or any details.

For example, these are paper ones:

If your hand is full of school crafts, you can handle the production of such eggs at a time! An egg turns into a lot of funny characters if you attach ears to it. You see the hare in the photo, you can also make bears and koalas by attaching small round ears, a cock will turn out if you cut a red scallop from paper. Also, eggs easily turn into fruits and vegetables with the help of glued tails and the corresponding color. Paint them eyes and mouths and you will get a smiling carrot, a pretty pineapple, a funny beetroot and other funny characters.

The idea for those who want to get a beautiful result with minimal time – tattooed eggs! Use transferable tattoos for your decor. They are attached to eggs just like on the skin. Follow the instructions on the tattoo and everything will work out. Usually, a protective polyethylene film should be removed from the tattoo, applied to the surface so that the paper side is on top. Moisten the paper with water and carefully remove. Since now it is easy to find tattoos of various designs – golden and silver (as in the photo), delicate watercolors – with flowers and birds, geometric, etc., it is quite possible to choose options for different tastes. Tattoo stickers are sold in cosmetics stores – Girlfriend, Rainbow Smile, and similar places.

An option for those who do not have the time or tools to prepare eggs, and only have a black marker on hand. Engage in different geometric patterns and you get super-stylish decor.

The egg turns into a sipic cactus! This is a very simple idea. You will need a small pot that can be filled, for example, with Sea Pebbles and can not be filled with anything at all, and you can choose the diameter of the one in which the egg will fit into a stand. Color the egg in green, apply strokes of needles with a felt-tip pen, and fix a paper flower on top. Easter cactus is ready!

For those who are willing to spend a lot of time decorating eggs – an idea with a black background. On it, bright floral decor looks fantastically beautiful. In this case, the photo shows flowers drawn by hand. However, if you are not such a cool artist to reproduce this beauty, you can simply paste fresh flowers with the same flour paste. You can use both fresh and dried. With fresh flowers, eggs will need to be used quickly, the appearance will remain until the flowers begin to lose moisture and color, that is, about a day. Using a fresh setting, flatten it gently – it is most convenient to do this by putting it between the layers of whatman paper, and then stick it on the egg.

Holders of even a minor artistic talent are sure to cope with the creation of their Emoji collection! You will need yellow dye, black, red felt-tip pen and the most important – white. If there is no white felt-tip pen at hand, you can use the white corrector.

And finally – wonderful unicorns, born with one stroke of a felt-tip pen, as well as with the help of several artificial flowers and horns of gold foil.

Happy Easter and creative success! Happy holiday!

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