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They are called potato pancakes in Belarusian, potato pancakes in Ukrainian, bamborak in Czech, latkes in Hebrew (prepared for Hanukkah), and hash browns in America (hash browns, which literally translates as “fried hash”). From which it follows that the dish is international. Traditionally, it is also for Russian cuisine, it is beloved by everyone and, it would seem, its preparation does not conceal special culinary secrets. There it was!

Therefore, we will take two small onions (100 grams), 6 medium-sized potatoes (600 grams), 1 egg, 3-4 cloves of garlic and only half – 1 tablespoon (filled with a “slide” – 20 grams) of the right amount of flour, replacing the second half with 1 tablespoon (filled “without a hill” – 20 grams) of corn starch (it will give the pancakes a delicate taste).

Peel potatoes and onions and grate on a coarse grater (potatoes mixed with onions will not darken and the finished pancakes will turn out to be rosy on the outside and beautiful white on the inside). Chop the garlic. Then you need to mix it all, beat in an egg, add flour and starch, salt, pepper and mix well again. Fry in a large skillet in a large amount of oil under a closed lid.

You can eat pancakes as an independent dish with lingonberries, butter or sour cream, as well as a side dish for fried meat. In this case, it is worth cooking mushroom sauce. We take four large champignons (or portobello, which is nothing but a variety of the same champignons, but they use only hats), cut each into four parts and fry in oil over medium heat for 5-8 minutes. Add 100 grams of fat cream, bring to a boil, salt, pepper, remove from heat and grind with a blender. The sauce is ready.

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