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This is the case when a spectacular look is worth almost no effort. You can do the decoration of the thinnest gold foil records if you are ready to go to the store of goods for artists (“Goods for hobbies” are also suitable!).
The wonderful material potal, which is also sometimes called gold leaf (which is not a potal), turns Easter eggs into an art object with a hint of luxury, style and probably vintage. Well, well, the noble muffled brilliance, the original scuff – this is vintage!
Potal – these are thin gold or silver sheets, in which there are no precious metals. This is an alloy, for example, copper with zinc, which imitates the precious metal in color and texture. It rolls into the thinnest sheets that are usually used or for drawing on a painting canvas or in order to gild the details on the furniture.

Potal is a fairly inexpensive material. It is sold in sheets or rolls similar to scotch tape. A set of 25 sheets costs around 250 rubles, this set is enough for decorating 25 eggs.
It is necessary to apply the potal to already cooked and completely chilled eggs. It turns out beautifully if you put the foil on the white eggs, and if you pre-painted them.

This is what a potal on a white egg looks like

Potal will not adhere to the surface of the egg by itself. Need to prepare an adhesive. It can be a thick sugar syrup or a mixture of cream and cognac (1: 1 ratio). With this composition, you need to grease the egg, trying to put the “glue” in a thin-thin layer. After this, apply the potal, press it to the egg, leave for a few minutes so that it sticks.

Then remove part of the foil. It is convenient to use a silicone spatula for this.

The whole process takes about 5 minutes, so this is one of the fastest ways to decorate eggs.

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