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Let’s be honest: this is an article for women who have once in their lives racking their brains over what to give a man. All colognes, gadgets, saws, planers, car accessories and even a subscription to the pool are already presented. Each coming holiday is an occasion for panic thoughts – what to give? We have some ideas. Many ideas. Surely, some of them will not be close to you, but we are sure that there will be those that will get to the very point.

Fancy beer glass

This double-walled glass does not allow the drink to heat up: beer will stay cool throughout the entire football match or evenings with friends. An unusual glass is made by the English brand Walmer.

Designer Steel Coffee Pot

The Columbia coffee pot has repeatedly received design awards. Drop case, perfectly smooth surface with an elegant sheen, double walls and a proprietary filtering mechanism that separates the thick from the drink – all this is Columbia.


Wine connoisseurs will be happy designer decanter .

Stylish french press for office and home

The unique feature of this French Walmer press is metal frame. On the table, the coffee pot looks like a real serving decoration. It can be presented to a man who spends a lot of time in the office. Such a coffee pot, due to its stylish frame, will look good on the office desk in the office.

Gastrogadget: pepper mill

On the knives of these spice mills issued lifetime warranty. Men who love solidity in everything will definitely appreciate such a gift.

Stylish jug thermos

Lovers of style and progressive design will definitely enjoy thermal jug Bodum : it will become an interior decoration.


Let fresh juice be on the table every day! This manual juicer will make it hassle-free!

Marble mortar

Anyone who tries to grind fresh cinnamon for a cappuccino, cook crushed pepper for a steak, never exchanges so cooked seasonings for any others. Noble Cream Marble makes this thing extraordinary and luxurious.

Vegetable cutter

A strange idea – to give a man a vegetable cutter? Not at all. You can literally make a salad with it in 2 minutes. This is much easier than slicing vegetables with a knife. With such a device, even a bachelor on the table will have healthy and vitamin dishes.

Knife organizer

Male pedants who love order in everything will like it stand organizer in which you can place all the knives that are only at home.

Special glasses

Assam glass glasses are emphasized strict, and therefore look great in a business setting – for example, on the desktop in the office. Swiss quality and style are visible in every detail.

Travel mug

Stylish travel mug Bodum will allow you to take your favorite coffee or tea with you on the road.

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